Jared Leto Has The Perfect Response To New Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer

Justice League

Jared Leto might have given Margot Robbie vegan cinnamon buns on the set of Suicide Squad instead of the dead rat that had been rumored, but that doesn’t mean it was all sunshine and rainbows amongst the star-studded ensemble of David Ayer’s film. Indeed, Leto went to bizarrely exhaustive lengths to step into the shoes of the Clown Prince of Crime and unfortunately, it was all for nothing.

After all, most of his scenes were left on the cutting room floor and if we’re being honest, the knives were already out for his take on the Joker from the second that first official image of him in full makeup hit the web. But Leto will now be getting a second chance thanks to Zack Snyder’s new and improved Justice League and earlier today, we got a tantalizing glimpse of his updated look in that explosive trailer.

Indeed, the preview has gone down a storm online and Leto himself has taken to Twitter to react to it, as you can see below:

Of course, the actor is referencing a line spoken by his character in the footage, one that has fans flipping out because, as Collider explains, “it’s become synonymous with Joker as meme culture has become further entwined with social media.” Obviously, a quick snippet in a trailer designed to send hype levels through the roof doesn’t guarantee that Leto’s work will be received better than it was in Suicide Squad, but the signs are certainly promising and we’re beyond eager to see more of him in the pic.

Tell us, though, did you enjoy the new Justice League trailer? And are you pumped for the upcoming Snyder Cut? Let us know in the comments section down below.