Jared Padalecki Says He’s Always Wanted To Play Nightwing, New Fan Art Emerges



It’s been an exciting week for Batfans, as Warner Bros. dropped several bombshells that sent the internet into a frenzy. As if confirming that Matt Reeves and Ben Affleck were both locked in for The Batman wasn’t enough, they also revealed that a Nightwing movie is now in development. Understandably, fans were ecstatic at the news and already, casting wish lists are popping up left, right and center.

Not only that, but several actors have begun to express interest in the role as well, and though the studio hasn’t given us any sort of indication as to who they may have their eye on, one person they might want to look at is Jared Padalecki. For a while now, fans have been calling for him to suit up as the hero and it seems that the Supernatural star is definitely interested in playing the part.

Reaching out to him on Twitter, here’s what Screen Rant’s Daniel Falconer learned:

While this in no way means that he’s being considered, it’s hard to deny that he’d be a great choice and it’s nice to hear that, at the very least, Padalecki is interested. The actor’s already got a pretty big fanbase thanks to his work on The CW’s aforementioned show, and if you’re at all familiar with the character of Nightwing, you’ll know that he’s perfectly suited to the role.

Whether or not that’s enough to put him on WB’s radar remains to be seen, but even if his Tweet didn’t get their attention, then perhaps the fan art below will. Brought to us by the talented Boss Logic, it depicts Padalecki as the hero and we’ve gotta say, it looks pretty damn awesome.


Padalecki is far from the only person that fans are campaigning for to see in the role (apparently Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s got a pretty big push going now, too), but like we said, he’s an excellent choice and it’d certainly make a lot of people very happy if this ended up happening.

Unfortunately, with the Nightwing movie still so far off, and Warner Bros. having their plate full already when it comes to the DC Extended Universe, it’s not likely that we’ll hear anything on the casting front for some time. Still, we don’t imagine that the push for Jared Padalecki to play the role will die down any time soon and hopefully, someone, somewhere in Hollywood has sat up and taken notice of it.