Jason Blum Admits That He’d Love To Reboot Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th

Blumhouse have become synonymous with modern horror, and the production company have built their reputation by churning out low budget movies that do big business at the box office, making them one of the most profitable outfits in the industry. While the vast majority of their efforts tend to be original content, in recent years, head honcho Jason Blum has shown that he’s not above tackling a reboot or two.

After the Dark Universe experiment failed spectacularly, Blumhouse delivered the critical and commercial smash hit The Invisible Man, and are now poised to finally revive Universal’s classic stable of monsters. 2018’s Halloween was also a massive success, while they’ve also tackled Fantasy Island, Black Christmas, The Town That Dreaded Sundown and others to more mixed results.

However, in a recent interview, Blum admitted in a short but sweet answer that he’d love to get his hands on Friday the 13th, one of Hollywood’s premiere horror brands that’s been lying dormant for over a decade due to some complicated rights issues that have become tangled up in a legal minefield, which isn’t the first time he’s made it public that he wants Jason Voorhees back on the big screen.

“I’d love to do Friday the 13th. I’d do it as a movie.”

We haven’t seen cinema’s most famous hockey mask enthusiast since Marcus Nispel’s 2009 reboot, and if it wasn’t for the legal issues, you can guarantee that Friday the 13th would have followed virtually every other major horror brand and been reinvented by now. Unfortunately, the courtroom drama shows no sign of ending anytime soon, which is a real shame because if Blumhouse could apply what worked with Halloween to Friday the 13th, then the results would turn out to be pretty spectacular and bring the ailing series roaring back to life.