Jason Blum Wants David Gordon Green Back For The Halloween Sequel


Okay, we’ll admit it: when the Powers That Be (namely Blumhouse and studio head Jason Blum) appointed David Gordon Green and Danny McBride in charge of the 2018 Halloween movie, we were skeptical.

Let’s not forget that Green’s back catalog is riddled with comedic hits in the vein of Pineapple Express and HBO comedy Eastbound & Down, while McBride is perhaps best known for his rib-tickling efforts both on and off the screen. And yet, the writing duo defied the odds when they resurrected Laurie Strode and the menacing Michael Myers for a 21st century audience, most of whom reveled in the blood-curdling terror that unfolded before them.

So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that Jason Blum and Co. are officially working on a sequel. How, exactly, they’ll maneuver around the fact that Halloween II already exists (released in 1981, Rob Zombie’s much-maligned continuation was a shell of the Carpenter classic) is another question entirely, but one thing’s for sure, Blum wants David Gordon Green back in the director’s chair.

Responding to one curious fan on Twitter (h/t Dread Central), Jason Blum admitted that he “hopes” to see Green back behind the lens later this year, when production on the Halloween sequel is expected to get underway. Word is Jamie Lee Curtis will be back, back, back as Laurie – let’s face it, it’s not really Halloween without her, is it? – though one can only assume that Michael somehow escaped the basement to continue his reign of terror.

Either that, or Jason Blum is plotting something a little different for Halloween 2. Until we catch wind of official details, you can relive the terror of Myers’ 2018 rampage right now on HBO.