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Jason Blum Discussing Halloween Sequel With Jamie Lee Curtis

Jason Blum took to Twitter this week to share that him and Jamie Lee Curtis are discussing a possible sequel to Halloween.

Halloween 2018

When it comes to old-school horror, there’s only one master: the legendary John Carpenter.

So you can imagine how nervous David Gordon Green and Danny McBride must’ve been when they pitched their idea for a full-blown sequel to Halloween to him. But not just any sequel, for they were looking to completely rework the ending of Carpenter’s 1978 classic in an effort to ignore the likes of Season of the Witch and Return of Michael Myers.

All in all, their risky plan paid off. Halloween was universally praised for being one of the franchise’s best outings in years and banked a cool $253 million at the global box office. Indeed, there’s even been a good amount of chatter about a potential sequel getting the green light from Blumhouse. And if producer Jason Blum’s recent tweet is any indication, he’s already in talks with Jamie Lee Curtis about returning as the iconic Laurie Strode.

Made for only around $10 million, it makes total sense that Blum would be interested in a sequel. And though he doesn’t say in his Tweet what exactly him and Curtis are discussing, what else could they be chatting about other than a new Halloween? I mean, the figure in Jamie’s hand kind of gives it away, doesn’t it?

If you’ll recall, 2018’s Halloween concluded with Myers apparently having gone up in flames at Laurie’s home, as Curtis’ survivor fled the scene alongside her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). What with the hint that Michael also managed to make it out in one piece though, fans have been begging for a follow-up. And if Blum’s tease above is any indication, it seems the Shape will indeed be slicing his way through Haddonfield once again in the hopefully near future.

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