Jason Blum Says He’s Fighting For Many More Purge Movies

The Forever Purge

With The Forever Purge launching in theatres last Wednesday, many have been speculating that the film may have concluded the long-running franchise for good, however, producer Jason Blum has different thoughts.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Blum shared that while writer James DeMonaco who worked on the film has stated he’d like this to be the last Purge movie, he wasn’t so sure.

“James makes noises about this being the last Purge movie, but I will hear nothing of the kind,” Blum said. “I am ferociously fighting to have at least one more, hopefully, many more. So I would say the answer to your question is it’s not yet determined for sure. But If I have anything to do with it, I’m going to try and get a few more out of him.”

Blum continued explaining that he wouldn’t make another Purge film without having DeMonaco onboard so ultimately the future of the series is in his hands. Speaking a little about the process of making the film, Blum spoke on the toll that creating The Forever Purge, which is the darkest film in the series to date, may have taken on DeMonaco and potentially influenced his desire to bring the story to a close.

“He’s spent a lot of time thinking about this, and it’s a dark world so my heart goes out to him,” Blum said. “So I get that he’s kind of lived it enough. We also have kind of a perfect track record for a franchise. Every movie that we’ve done, more people have seen the prior movie, and that’s very rare. So that’s also a lot of pressure. So I get that he may be at the end of his rope, but you know, I’m not accepting that yet.”

There have been five films in the series since it began in 2013 and it even inspired a spin-off TV series. With the franchise being a rebounding success in the eyes of Blum, and the open-ended conclusion to The Forever Purge, there is always a possibility we see more in the world of The Purge.