Jason Blum Reveals Why The Halloween Kills Trailer Hasn’t Arrived Yet


Last summer, Blumhouse announced plans for two back-to-back sequels to their 2018 Halloween reboot – Halloween Kills in October 2020 and then Halloween Endsa closer to the trilogy, a year later in 2021. Production on Kills wrapped up earlier this year, but then the pandemic happened, and threw the movie industry for a loop. Fans have been waiting patiently for the first trailer for the follow-up, then, but it has yet to arrive.

While speaking to Fandom, producer Jason Blum has come clean about the reason for the hold-up. As you can imagine, the studio wants to wait until they can be sure that the planned October release can go ahead before they deploy the trailer. But as things are so unknowable right now, Blum doesn’t know which way it’s going to go at this stage.

“The reason [a trailer] hasn’t come out yet is because we don’t know what the world is going to look like in October,” Blum revealed. “Right now we’re still planning on releasing the movie in October but if there’s no way to release it [theatrically], then we’re not sure. So we’re not going to release the trailer until we really are very sure when people are going to get to see the movie. So that’s the holdup. But we have a great trailer and a great movie and I can’t wait for everybody to see it.”

This is exactly what we imagined was the explanation behind the delay, as all those other movies that shared trailers before their releases got pushed back over the pandemic will have to produce new promos later on to ramp up the hype again. It makes sense for Blumhouse to simply keep a lid on the first Kills trailer then until they can be 100% certain that it’s coming in time for this Halloween.

During a recent Twitter watch party of the 2018 film, director David Gordon Green seemed very positive about the chances of Halloween Kills making it into theaters this year, as well as the trailer dropping very soon. And as things stand, Michael Myers is still expected to return to terrorize Laurie Strode and her family yet again on October 16th.