Blumhouse Hoping To Release Halloween Kills Trailer Soon

Halloween 2018

Most of 2020’s tentpole cinematic releases have been pushed back to 2021, given the uncertainty over both when theaters will open and if people will even want to visit them following the COVID-19 outbreak. One of the movies due for the tail-end of the year that has yet to be moved though is Halloween Killsthe much-anticipated sequel to Blumhouse’s successful Halloween rebootquel from 2018.

Having said that, word has been quiet on the production of late, causing fans to wonder if the studio is thinking of skipping its planned October drop date. Director David Gordon Green has just given an encouraging update on where things stand, though. As part of a Halloween ’18 watch party yesterday, Green – who was tweeting through the Blumhouse Twitter account – revealed that he hopes to share the first full trailer for Kills soon.

We’re still working on the trailer for #HalloweenKills now,” Green stated.” And strategizing our plan for release based on the realities of the world. Fingers crossed. I feel really good and want to share so much more. Hopefully soon.”

Clearly, the hold-up with the trailer is because Blumhouse is still weighing up their options and has yet to fully decide if the best course of action is to move Kills into 2021 or not. Gordon may be hinting that they’re leaning towards keeping it where it is, though, as he seems hopeful that the trailer will be coming soon. Obviously, if they were going to push it back, it wouldn’t make sense to drop a trailer this early.

Blumhouse definitely would prefer to retain the October release, seeing as moving Kills would probably necessitate kicking Halloween Ends out of its October 2021 slot as well, thereby holding up two movies instead of one. But like Gordon says, they have to deal with “the realities of the world,” so we’ll just have to see what happens.

As it stands, Halloween Kills is coming this October 16th and a trailer may be on its way in the near future.