Jason Blum Reveals He Just Quit a Horror Project Over Creative Differences

Welcome to the Blumhouse

When it comes to ranking the most successful hit factories in the industry, Blumhouse has to be near the top of the list. For over a decade, Jason Blum’s outfit have been churning out a constant stream of low budget genre films that almost always turn a profit at the box office, yielding several money-spinning franchises in the process.

Despite boasting such a stellar track record since Paranormal Activity first put them on the map after it became one of the most profitable movies ever made, it turns out that he doesn’t always get his own way. Taking to social media, the producer revealed that he recently withdrew Blumhouse from an unnamed horror project after being denied creative control.

If there’s one backer in Hollywood you’d happily cede creative control on a horror movie to, it’s surely got to be Blumhouse. Fans are already flooding the replies to try and find out more details, but it’s a strange decision on the mystery party’s part to refuse a production house that’s literally banked billions by doing things its own way the ability to oversee a project.

Maybe one day we’ll find out what it is, but for the time being, Blum has plenty of film and television content on his upcoming slate as he continues to keep em’ coming.