Jason Goes To Hell Director Received Violent Threats From Angry Fans

JAson Goes To Hell

For as great as the Internet can be at connecting celebrities to their many fans, it also has the potential to be extremely vitriolic. Just ask Star Wars actresses Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran, as well as frequent target of trolls Brie Larson. All of these stars and countless more have been subject to unfair harassment online just because ignorant fans have a problem with their performances. While much of society blames the web for this influx of toxic fandom, Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday director Adam Marcus revealed recently that things have always been this way.

The filmmaker joined a Facebook group dedicated to the film and posted a heartfelt message to both admins and fans, saying:

“I am so blown away by all of this! [Admins] TJ and Cory, I really want to express my appreciation for creating this group. There is something so extraordinary about creating a safe place for people to talk about the film. I know you know how much crap (including threats of violence) I’ve dealt with since I made JGTH. It’s nuts that anyone thinks it’s appropriate to act that way but I guess it’s the world we live in now.”

The ninth installment of the legendary Friday the 13th series is definitely one of the least popular flicks featuring Jason Voorhees. The movie was ripped apart by critics and audiences alike, who were displeased by the many bizarre twists written in by Marcus. The serial killer’s ability to body-jump was especially ill-received.

Still, threatening violence is way over the top. Those belligerent devotees are now getting a healthy dose of karma, as the franchise they love so much is locked in a messy legal battle that’s holding up production on any future installments. Unfortunately, all fans of the iconic series are suffering because of it.

At least Marcus’s film is finally getting the appreciation it never did in the nineties. Hopefully those violent critics are embarrassed by their actions all these years later and will apologize personally to the writer/director. In the meantime, everyone who loves and/or hates Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday should come together and pray that another movie featuring the legendary slasher will arrive some time this century.