Jason Momoa Explains Why He Hasn’t Watched Aquaman Yet


With the social media embargo recently lifting on Aquaman, we’ve seen an array of promising responses to Arthur Curry’s standalone debut, with several early viewers going as far as to call James Wan’s flick the DCEU’s best offering to date. So far, so good, but one man who’s currently unable to vouch for the quality of this upcoming release is the film’s own star, Jason Momoa, who recently admitted that he still hasn’t seen his latest movie.

Earlier this week, Momoa was a guest on the UK’s This Morning, where the actor claimed that he’s saving his first viewing for when his son and daughter can watch it with him. The star explained that his kids begged him not to see the film without him, adding that both he and his two children are feeling pretty pumped to check it out:

“It’s exciting because I have seen the trailer and it’s amazing, and my kids are stoked.”

While it’s unclear when Momoa plans to sit down with his children to give Aquaman a watch, it sounds like Chinese audiences might even beat him to it, with the feature set for release in the People’s Republic as soon as December 7th. After that, North American fans will still have a couple of weeks to go, but when the flick does finally arrive, Warner Bros. looks to be in for a merry Christmas, with the movie reportedly tracking for an opening weekend gross of at least $100 million.

We’ll find out if the wait was worth it when Aquaman hits theaters on December 21st, by which point, Momoa will hopefully be able to tell us if he thinks it’s any good.