Jason Momoa Wants To Star In A Twins Remake With Peter Dinklage


Jason Momoa and Peter Dinklage never had the opportunity to share much screen together time when they both starred in Game of Thrones. That doesn’t mean they’ll never get the chance, though. When asked at Celebrity Fan Fest about potentially filming a remake of the 1988 buddy comedy Twins alongside his former co-star, Momoa instantly fell in love with the idea.

“F–king tell me where to sign!” he said. “Absolutely. That’d be amazing. I love that movie.”

Your move, Hollywood. It’s currently unknown if Dinklage is equally excited about the idea, but there’s little doubt that the public would be. The original movie starred diminutive, pudgy Danny DeVito and muscular giant Arnold Schwarzenegger as the most unlikely pair of twins imaginable. Separated at birth, the brothers eventually reconnect and find themselves embroiled in a series of wacky misadventures.

Audiences across the nation were entranced by the hilarity onscreen, launching the film to a massive $216.6 million at the box office despite a budget of just $18 million. The fact that a sequel never materialized is a Hollywood sin. In 2012, Universal began developing a follow-up entitled Triplets with Schwarzenegger and DeVito returning, while iconic comedian Eddie Murphy was set to appear as their long lost brother.


Despite how hysterical this sounds, the movie never came to fruition. Both of the headlining stars have repeatedly expressed their willingness to film a sequel since then, but are currently still searching for a script. Josh Gad was reportedly writing one back when the project was announced, but it’s unknown if he ever completed it.

Instead of following up the story several decades later, it may make more sense for a studio to reboot the flick with two A-list actors who can ride the success of one of the most popular TV shows ever made. It would undoubtedly be comedic gold and would likely draw many moviegoers to the theater.

As for now, nothing appears to be imminent. A hard push from fans, though, could see something along these lines get made. It’s time for the Internet to do its thing and let the studios know loud and clear that it’s long past due for a Twins remake.