Over 10 Million People Will Skip Work After Game Of Thrones Finale

Game of Thrones

The upcoming Game of Thrones finale is undoubtedly the biggest television event in recent memory. Despite strong backlash to the final season, it seems like everyone who’s anyone will be tuned in to HBO on Sunday night. Even bestselling author Stephen King will be watching!

Unlike King, though, most fans actually have to get up and travel to work the next day. Given how late the show airs in most of the country, it could prove difficult for many viewers to last through the whole episode and then immediately fall asleep when it’s done in order to be refreshed for their job in the morning.

Odds are that folks will be too wired from the conclusion to want to go to bed anyway. Everyone will want to talk to their friends about what just happened, as well as check social media to see what the rest of the world thinks. Sleep doesn’t seem like it’s going to come early that night to anyone interested in who’ll end up on the Iron Throne.

This is why many fans are already planning to skip work the next day. In fact, a new survey predicts that 10.7 million people are going to elect to take that Monday off so they can recuperate.

It’s highly possible that many devotees will be mourning the loss of one or more of their favorite characters. The popular show has never been afraid to kill off fan favorites, after all, as well as practically anyone else who ever spends time onscreen. This season has been especially fatal thus far, as many series mainstays have been sentenced to death. No matter what happens this weekend though, it looks like workplaces across the nation will be considerably emptier the next day.

The Game of Thrones finale airs this Sunday night at 9 PM ET on HBO.