Stephen King Says He’s A Fan Of Game Of Thrones Season 8

Game-of-Thrones-Easwatch-Images-Dany-Jon (1)

As sad as it may be, there’s no denying it. The eighth and final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones has been pretty disappointing, to say the least. Pacing issues, odd characterizationcontroversial dialogue; the past few episodes haven’t exactly been met with the warmest reception. Last week’s outing, “The Bells,” drew widespread criticism from fans and critics alike, especially in regards to Dany’s decision to burn King’s Landing to the ground, as well as the rather disappointing deaths of Jamie and Cersei Lannister.

Over the past month, plenty of famous figures and celebs have shared their opinions regarding the show’s final season. While there’s been lots of criticism floating around, one notable writer has chimed in with his own thoughts, and it seems he’s enjoyed the direction Game of Thrones has taken over the last few episodes.

Earlier this week, horror author Stephen King took to his Twitter account to share his thoughts on the HBO show. As noted by, the It and Pet Sematary writer seemed to enjoy Daenerys’ brutal destruction of King’s Landing, arguing that even though fans have been complaining about the buildup to last week’s episode, the real underlying issue is longtime viewers don’t want to see any ending the writers might have in store.

King’s tweet was met with mixed reactions, but it generated plenty of discussion – fans took the time to post more than 2000 comments in response.  Either way, you don’t need to look hard to find people who aren’t exactly thrilled, as evidenced by a recent petition to have the eighth season remade.

It’s highly doubtful that HBO will directly respond to any of the criticisms viewers brought up against Game of Thrones, and at this point, we can only hope the finale will rectify many of the missteps from previous episodes. Do you plan on tuning in on Sunday, though? Or have you given up all hope? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!