Jason Momoa Picks His Favorite Justice League Member


While fans anxiously await the the next trailer for Justice League, which is reportedly coming this spring, we’ll have to satisfy our hunger with whatever images or bits of information come out of Hollywood.

It’s not unheard of for actors to forge bonds when filming a motion picture or television show, often citing their co-stars as family. Apparently, this is holding true with those involved in the production of Justice League as Jason Momoa, Aquaman himself, recently told The Hollywood Reporter that Ezra Miller is his “little brother” when asked which member of the League was his favorite. Aside from the obvious choice of Aquaman, we’ll take his word that he loves the Flash just as much.

Those two characters aren’t normally thought of as being paired when it comes to more personal interactions among the group, as our minds our drawn to Brave and the Bold team-ups involving Flash and Green Lantern, but seeing as how this film is likely lacking lightsmiths, we won’t rule out Barry Allen and Arthur Curry becoming onscreen best buddies.

To his credit, Momoa is now able to land the roles that he feels suit him best. That’s not something every actor gets to do and projects such as this have allowed him to live the dream, which he shared with the publication:

“I haven’t been an actor who’s been able to pick and choose roles, and being a family man, it’s been about putting food on the table. This has been the best moment of my career because the superhero roles are letting me get the other roles I want.”

Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17.