Jason Momoa Explains Why He Enjoyed Making Justice League More Than Aquaman


Last November’s Justice League isn’t a movie that many DC fans hold in high regard. After a lot of hype, the resulting team-up pic was something of a Frankenstein’s monster of a film with Zack Snyder’s original vision chopped up and diluted by studio meddling and Joss Whedon’s ill-fitting additional scenes. However, whatever fans may think of the finished piece, one star of the production still has a lot of good will towards it.

Jason Momoa’s first solo DC movie as the King of Atlantis is about to hit cinemas but he revealed to CinemaBlend that, if he had to choose, he’d say that he had a better time making Justice League than he did Aquaman. The actor explained that from his point of view, it was more fun to be part of an ensemble movie and not have the pressure of starring in your own vehicle. Plus, he just had a great time working with his (super)friends.

“I really loved being with all of my friends, you know? We had a great time doing Justice League. Zack’s amazing. And then it’s, it was phenomenal having your own story. I mean ultimately, I probably had a better, more fun personally doing Justice League. Because I’m not in everything! So, life is probably a little bit better, because someone else is working. But, you know, it’s all your show. It’s your movie, and that’s super important, too.”

That is something that Justice League has going for it. The movie might not always serve them well, but it’s clear that the six stars – that’s Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher – had a good time making the film and had great chemistry with one another. It’s just a shame that the pic tanked so hard, meaning it’s unlikely we’ll get a sequel.

That said, we’ve still got lots more standalone movies to come. And, if Aquaman‘s reception so far is any indication, we’ve got much to look forward to there. There’s a real positive buzz surrounding James Wan’s production at the moment and we’re hopeful it’ll live up to expectations when it rises from the deep on December 21st.