Jason Reitman Meeting With Possible Ghostbusters 3 Leads This Weekend


In the weeks following the surprise announcement that Jason Reitman is working on a Ghostbusters 3, we’ve heard quite a few reports alleging details on the film’s young leads, but so far, we’ve yet to receive any signs that some actual casting announcements are imminent.

Enter this new report from THR, which tells us that Reitman will be meeting with some young actors over the weekend, implying that we can expect some casting news for the upcoming comedy “sooner rather than later.” The report goes on to say that the director is looking for “two pairs of a brother-sister combo in the 12 and 17-year range,” which sounds more or less in line with what we’ve heard previously.

From the sound of things, we may not have much longer to wait until we get some confirmation on who’s representing this new generations of Ghostbusters, but as it stands, the internet has already yielded a fair amount of alleged info on each of the four leads.

The younger of the two girls, for instance, is said to have an interest in science and a difficulty interpreting and expressing emotions, while the older girl is supposedly “fun-loving” and “a bit of an airhead.” As for the boys, one is reported to be a quick-thinker who’s at ease with technology, while the other is described as approaching every situation with an “unbridled excitement for the unknown.”

As for who in the original line-up is likely to return, that remains to be seen, though at the very least, both Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd seem game to come back for more. Regardless, we’ll see how the new team fares in filling their shoes when Ghostbusters 3 hits theaters on July 10th, 2020.