Jason Sudeikis’ Fletch Reboot Lives On At Relativity Studios


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After being put on ice by Warner Bros., a Fletch reboot that aims to turn the 1980s Chevy Chase movie into a franchise has been thawed out over at Relativity Studios.

Teaming with Boies/Schiller Film Group, the studio is committed to the project, an adaptation of the mystery books by Gregory McDonald, and currently in negotiations with Jason Sudeikis, who was previously courted for the starring role over at Warner Bros.

Relativity and Boies/Schiller are now meeting writers to hash out a story, which will introduce Fletch to new audiences and may be based on Fletch Won, the eighth book in McDonald’s series.

If the project pans out, the studios are looking at adapting other books by McDonald – he wrote 11 in total, all focusing on the reporter I.M. Fletcher, whose two ex-wives complicate a life already made hectic by Fletcher’s expose writing.

The Chevy Chase film was a box office success and received strong reviews, spawning a sequel and sending Chase’s star rising to previously unreached levels. The actor has since said that the role was his favorite, and though he has aged out of it, it’s easy to imagine Chase turning up in some supporting or cameo role for this reboot.

Fletch has not been dated yet, but as Sudeikis is secured and a creative team is put in place, that announcement surely isn’t too far down the line.

Source: THR

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