Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Closing In On The Counselor

From day one, two names that have been continually circling Ridley Scott‘s The Counselor are Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt. Though it was just rumors up until now, it seems as though the pair will indeed end up in Scott’s film. Originally, the two actors were up for the same part, the character Reiner. Today though, Deadline is reporting that Scott is about to close a deal with Bardem to play Reiner and with Pitt to play a different part, the character Westray.

On top of this, Deadline confirms that the rumours that Angelina Jolie may also star in the film. Her part is being described as “the female lead” and a lot of the talk surrounding Jolie has been for the part of Laura, the main character’s love interest. However, the other female role, an Argentinian woman named Malinka, is a much larger role. So as of now, it is a little unclear which role Jolie could be playing.

I do believe that there is a strong chance that she’ll will end up in the film. She was once attached to Scott’s Gucci biopic and she is now attached to his Gertrude Bell biopic. It’s obvious that Scott wants to work with her and with The Counselor, he may finally get his chance.

The Counselor, which will hit cinemas in 2013, will begin production at the end of June.

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