Jean Claude Van Damme To Play Villain In The Expendables 2

A JVCD fansite is telling us that Jean Claude Van Damme will be playing the role of the villain in The Expendables 2. Many people wondered why he wasn’t in the first film and as we reported a while back, it was because he had to lose a fight to Jet Li. Ridiculous I know but apparently that’s the reason.

Not much else is known about his role in the sequel and there is no official confirmation either. Although seeing as the news is coming from Sheldon Lettich, a long time associate of Van Damme, it would be safe to bet that there is some truth to this. Expect official confirmation shortly but in the meantime, let’s imagine the possibilities of this. Could this mean we’ll be seeing Stallone face off against Van Damme? Is this an 80’s action flicks fan’s dream come true?