Jean-Claude Van Damme Turned Down The Expendables Because Of Jet Li

Most people know by now that Jean-Claude Van Damme turned down a role in Sylvester Stallone’s latest film, The Expendables. Most likely he’s kicking himself due to the film’s fantastic opening weekend ($35 million) and the great success it has found with audiences. Now the real reason that he turned down the role has been made known.

According to Ace Show Biz, the reason that Van Damme turned down Stallone’s offer is because it would involve him losing a fight to Jet Li. Stallone recently spoke about it in an interview and he said the following:

“I wanted to set Jean-Claude against Jet Li, but he didn’t want to lose to Jet. He didn’t think that was cool. But that’s why it would be cool; to have Jean-Claude beaten by the other man. Hey, they could have a rematch. But Steven Segal and Van Damme, they weren’t really into our gallows humor.”

It sounds awfully ridiculous but it’s true. That’s why Van Damme turned down the offer. Van Damme is an actor who could use a role in a hit movie. Most action fans would have loved to have seen him in the film and he would have fit in perfectly. Too bad he didn’t understand what Stallone was going for. Oh well, there’s always hope for the sequel.