Jean Dujardin May Become One Of The Monuments Men For George Clooney

The Wrap reports that Jean Dujardin is in talks for a role in George Clooney‘s The Monuments Men, the story of a group of men and women who tracked down the stolen art of Europe during World War II. The film is based on the book The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History, by Robert M Edsel.

Dujardin’s specific role is unknown but we do know it will be a supporting role with Clooney starring as George Stout, a U.S. Army officer and leading art conservationist who was able to recapture tens of thousands of pieces from the Nazis. In addition to starring, Clooney is directing, producing, and writing the screenplay with Grant Heslov.

Clooney is also reportedly interested in Cate Blanchett and Paul Giamatti for major roles in the film, though nothing is confirmed on that front.

This has all the potential to be an excellent film, as the cast should be top notch and Clooney seems to get better as a director with each project he helms. The Ides Of March was a sharply directed film and ever since its release I’ve been waiting for his next project.

As for Dujardin, he’ll be a solid addition if he signs on. After his break-out in The Artist, we knew he would be in high demand, but the list of his future films is relatively short. Assuming he commits to this one, it’ll be nice to be able to add this film to that list.

Shooting is set to begin in Europe this Spring.

What do you think of The Monuments Men and the prospect of Dujardin joining the cast? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.