Jeffrey Dean Morgan Unlikely To Reprise As Thomas Wayne/Batman For The Flash


The chances of Jeffrey Dean Morgan donning the cape and cowl for Flashpoint were slim enough as it is now that Warner Bros. has overhauled the Scarlet Speedster’s solo film into a classic origin story.

Gone is the famous Flashpoint arc and with it, Morgan’s shot at reprising the role of Thomas Wayne (Batman?) for the standalone DC movie. That’s according to the man himself, who spoke with MTV (h/t CBM) while promoting The Walking Dead season 9 at Comic-Con this past weekend.

When asked straight-up about the possibility that he’ll be involved in The Flash for Warner Bros., Jeffrey Dean Morgan admitted that he refuses to hold his breath – particularly now that Zack Snyder is no longer working within the DC Extended Universe. Or should that be Worlds of DC?

Whatever the case, here’s what Morgan told MTV:

I’ll keep talking about it just because it’s really fun to talk about, and I really would like Warner Bros. to open their ears a little bit. When Zack Snyder was involved in the DC world more, I think there was a real possibility, but now that he’s kinda stepped away a little bit – I’ve heard different things, that Flashpoint might not be going in that direction, it’ll be more of an origin story for Flash.

Snyder was initially expected to produce Barry Allen’s solo outing, but ever since the director retreated from the Bat-shaped limelight after Justice League‘s release and subsequent failure, question marks have been raised over Snyder’s involvement.

Turns out he won’t be all that involved in the DC spinoff, now that Warner Bros. has appointed co-directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein ahead of a possible release in 2020. At least, that’s the current estimate for Flashpoint The Flash, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest updates as they emerge.