Jennifer Hudson Joins The Three Stooges


Deadline is reporting that the upcoming Three Stooges film has added another cast member, Jennifer Hudson. Hudson will play the third nun in the film, Sister Rosemary. Jane Lynch and Larry David will play the other two.

With the film already in production, I’m guessing this will be the last major casting addition we’ll see, although I thought that last time also when Lynch and David were added, so who knows?

As for Hudson, she is an Oscar winner but since Dreamgirls, she hasn’t really done much. She’s had a few small roles here and there but hasn’t done anything worthy since she won her Academy Award (which is probably due to the fact that she’s been focusing on her music career).

That being said, she gave a great performance in Dreamgirls and it will be nice to see her back on the silver screen again showing off her acting chops.

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