Jennifer Lawrence Rumored For The Silver Linings Playbook

Many names have been in the toss-up for the supporting role in David O. Russell’s upcoming project The Silver Linings Playbook. They include Rachel McAdams, Blake Lively, Anne Hathaway and Andrea Riseborough. According to Deadline though, the one who may walk away with the highly desired role is Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence.

The young actress will reportedly start filming once she is done working on Gary Ross’ highly anticipated film, The Hunger Games. Production for The Silver Linings Playbook is scheduled to begin this fall.

Based on the novel by Matthew Quick, the movie stars Mark Wahlberg as Pat Peoples, a former high school teacher who is released from an institution after spending four years being treated for depression. He is taken into the care of his mother. During this time, he tries to win back his ex-wife but suddenly becomes involved with his offbeat neighbor (the role Lawrence will play).

Sounds interesting and with that trio, things are pretty promising for the film. We all know what Russell and Wahlberg did the last time they worked together, hopefully they can rekindle the magic that they found with The Fighter. As for Lawrence, she’s a terrific young actress with a very bright career ahead of her and the way things are shaping up, she may walk away with another Oscar nominee for this film.

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