Jennifer Tilly Had An Amazing Bride Of Chucky Costume For Halloween


Dressing as one of your own characters for Halloween sounds like the least imaginative costume idea that an actor could possibly try, but Jennifer Tilly, known for her work in the Child’s Play series, found a way to make it interesting with her human-sized Tiffany Valentine getup.

The demonic doll first made an appearance in 1998’s Bride of Chucky, in which the former girlfriend of Charles Lee Ray had her soul transferred into the famous, blond-haired doll. And since the actress has worked her way into every subsequent installment of this surprisingly sustainable property, it stands to reason that she’ll also be featuring in Child’s Play: The TV Series.

The franchise’s co-creator Don Mancini said a few weeks ago that last year’s Cult of Chucky deliberately left us with “a bunch of cliffhangers” that will be resolved in the upcoming show. As the writer went on to explain:

“Because there are so many different threads now, television could best accommodate that so that was done intentionally. At the same time, we have a whole new world, a bunch of new characters which we can say nothing about.”

Of course, you can also expect to see one or two older characters, with Tilly’s onscreen partner Brad Dourif confirmed to return once more. But while this pair have long served as the stars of a franchise that’s managed to maintain a consistent continuity for thirty years, the show will also find an unlikely big screen rival in the form of MGM’s controversial Child’s Play reboot. This feature film is set to do away with its main doll’s possession-based origins and reintroduce him as an A.I. gone psycho, which arguably leaves little room for a love interest like Tiffany to enter the picture.

Much is still to be learned about both Child’s Play: The TV Series and the Child’s Play movie, but if the backlash received by the film’s Chucky reveal is anything to go by, it’s clear that original franchise players like Dourif and Tilly are the ones with the fans on their side.

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