Jeremy Renner Confirms What Side He’s On In Captain America: Civil War

Speaking of second-tier heroes, Hawkeye doesn't get anything to do outside of Avengers films, so it'd be great to see him get a bit more screentime in a Spidey flick. If nothing else, Hawkeye's colder and straight-forward demeanor would be a fun counterpoint to Peter's more playful nature.


When Captain America: Civil War marches into theatres next May, the one thing that many people will be most eager to see is which team has recruited which heroes. Of course, as we all know, the film will split our favorite Avengers into two sides, with one being led by Cap and the other one headed up by Iron Man.

While we don’t know exactly where each character will end up just yet, we have heard some rumors. Today, though, we’ve finally got confirmation on one Avenger, and it comes to us from Jeremy Renner, who has revealed that Hawkeye will be siding with Captain America.


The actor dropped the news during Wizard World Comic-Con Chicago, where an audience member got him to slip up by asking what he thought about his character siding with Cap. Renner replied: “I don’t know. They wrote me in that side. It made sense to me.”

This isn’t terribly surprising, as those aforementioned rumors stated the same things, but it’s still nice to get one more confirmation that we can mark down as we eagerly count down the days until the highly-anticipated sequel arrives.

Captain America: Civil War will be with us on May 6th, 2016. In the meantime, check out some recently released set photos below.