Jesse Eisenberg Just Found Out That Justice League 2 Isn’t Happening

Lex Luthor Jesse Eisenberg

Justice League should have been the beginning of an exciting new phase in the DCEU, but it turned out to spell the end for the original vision for the franchise. Plagued with behind the scenes upheaval, the team-up movie was not only critically-panned when it arrived back in November 2017 but also made a disappointing show at the box office. No official word was given on the expected sequel’s cancellation, but everyone knows that it isn’t on its way.

Except for Jesse Eisenberg, that is. In the DC universe, his character Lex Luthor is usually the one pulling the strings and aware of everything. However, the actor – who debuted as the bald supervillain in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – apparently only just found out that Justice League 2 has been cancelled.

MTV’s Josh Horowitz tweeted today that he’d accidentally dropped the bombshell that there won’t be a follow-up film while chatting with the star.

“Today I think I broke the news to Jesse Eisenberg that despite it being listed on his IMDb, Justice League part 2 probably isn’t happening,” said Horowitz.

Following his major role as the grand orchestrator of BvS, Eisenberg returned for the post-credits scene of Justice Leaguewhich saw him escape from Arkham Asylum and meeting with Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke to discuss creating the Injustice League. Of course, this evil union will never make it to the screen now, but it seems Eisenberg didn’t know that. Presumably, he’s been waiting for the call to return to the DC universe for the past two years.

This raises the question of how much the DCEU cast knows about Warner Bros.’ plans for the future of the franchise. It might just be that Eisenberg is out of the loop, though, as Amy Adams commented last year that she believes the Superman mythos was being rebooted. Something that’s looking more and more likely. That said, Jason Momoa said back in December that Henry Cavill isn’t going anywhere as the Man of Steel. So at this point, who really knows?