Warner Bros. Seriously Considering A Justice League Reboot

batman justice league

We Got This Covered recently brought you the news that we’ve been told by our source that Warner Bros. is working on a Justice League reboot, with The Suicide Squad‘s James Gunn potentially directing. It’s worth clarifying exactly what we’ve heard about this reboot of the world’s finest heroes though and how it could come about.

First of all, we’ve been informed that the team line-up will consist of Batman, Superman, Batgirl, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Green Lantern. As we know though, Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight will break away from established canon, with the DCEU being split into two separate continuities moving forward.

However, as we’ve discussed before, WB is hoping to bring the two universes together later down the line. Our source is unclear on the exact nature of the plot of the film and the intricate details of how this multiversal rearrangement could occur, but we’ve been told that the Justice League reboot may be the culmination of this strategy. So yes, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa would appear. The same presumably goes for Jurnee Smollett-Bell, who debuts as Black Canary in Birds of PreyWe’re unsure about Ezra Miller’s continued involvement in the franchise, though.

The project’s only in the early discussion phases at present, but the studio’s said to be seriously considering it and seems very excited for the future now that Gunn’s on board, with the filmmaker expected to hang around to produce and oversee the development of the DCEU over the next few years. As such, it makes sense that they might dust off the idea of rebooting the DCEU in a major way, which they originally wanted to do with Flashpoint back in 2017.

As for the JLA themselves, the first Justice League movie wasn’t the triumphant film the team deserved, so fingers crossed that the reboot, whenever it eventually appears, will set things right.