Jesse Eisenberg Relishing His Most “Advantageous” Role Yet With Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


From praising the film’s serious, philosophical tone to trumpeting the early cut of Zack Snyder’s Herculean showdown, Jesse Eisenberg has long been vocal about his role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And why shouldn’t he? Come early 2016, he’ll take point as the corrupt, amoral Lex Luthor, the instrumental puppeteer that pits the two titular forces of nature against one another.

With access to near-infinite amounts of cash and intellect, Luthor is a complex, multi-faceted character that Eisenberg is relishing, and recently The Social Network actor spoke about how Dawn of Justice will present an uncompromised version of Superman’s arch nemesis.


Enigmatic. Narcissistic. Power-mongering. Just some of the characteristics that could help define Lex Luthor in all his villainous glory, and Eisenberg believes that the character was the “best, most advantageous” role he’s ever been given. Speaking in an interview with The Observer, here’s what the actor had to share.

“In a lot of ways Luthor is more of a stretch than any character you would do in an independent movie, which is normally the place you stretch. So in that way it was not at all compromised. If anything it was the best, most advantageous role I’ve ever been given.

“It’s because the opportunity to do an interesting character on a movie of that scale is incredibly rare.”

Beyond that, Eisenberg went on to touch base on Dawn of Justice‘s innate tone, one which has been billed as a more mythic and gritty style that sets it apart from other superhero fare.

“Now people expect the tone to be more realistic just because we live in a world where the average audience member has a sense of psychological motivations… [It raises the question] how can one man—Superman—have so much power? These are the kind of things that we talk about when we think about authoritarian states, when we talk about Vladimir Putin having a strong foothold in Eastern Europe. They’re addressing geopolitics in this movie and not in a way that’s pretentious or esoteric.”

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will arrive in all of its mighty and metaphorical glory when Zack Snyder’s feature lands on March 25, 2016.

Source: The Observer