Jessica Parker Kennedy Says Grant Gustin Should Star In The Flash Movie

Flash Barry season 5

More often than not, history has shown that Warner Bros. haven’t been too keen on the idea of multiple versions of DC characters existing in live action at once. But in recent years, we’ve seen more leeway been given in that respect, as several heroes have simultaneously appeared in movies and on television – albeit played by different actors.

One fine example of this is that of the Flash. As you’re no doubt aware, Grant Gustin has inhabited the role of the Scarlet Speedster since 2013, having first debuted on Arrow before moving on to his own series. Then, in 2016, Ezra Miller played Barry Allen in a small role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice before receiving much more screentime in Justice League the following year.

Maybe it’s mostly due to how Gustin came first that causes a fair amount of fans to lean in his direction, but there’s been noticeable demand that he be the one to star in a potential Flash solo film. Agreeing with this notion is co-star Jessica Parker Kennedy, who had this to say while appearing on The Tomorrow Show:

“I think this is one of the first things I said to Grant when I met him. I was like ‘Man, you should be The Flash in a Flash movie’ because I just think he’s the perfect Flash.”

To be quite honest, I agree with her, but then you have the problem of the majority of moviegoers being unfamiliar with the TV show. With the series now renewed for a sixth season, that’s a heck of a lot of material for people to be ignorant of. Perhaps Grant could play a different iteration of the character, but I don’t see that happening, either.

Still, nobody should hold their breath waiting for another flick starring Ezra Miller, as he’s reportedly clashed with the studio over creative issues, which could lead to him vacating the role. Regardless, Jessica still paid him some respect:

“No disrespect to Ezra Miller, of course. I love him, I’ve been watching him, I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, but I just can’t see anyone else as the Flash. I just feel like it’s Grant. I really do. He’s perfect for it.”

So, while the motion picture side of things remains in limbo, remember that you can still count on watching The Flash on Tuesday nights on The CW.