Jim Parrack And Scott Haze To Star In James Franco’s Black Dog Red Dog

True Blood star Jim Parrack and the star of Child Of God, Scott Haze, will star in a new film titled Black Dog Red Dog, set to be produced (and also possibly star) James Franco.

The film, which will be made up of a series of short films directed by the students of Franco’s NYU class, is based on a book of poetry by Stephen Dobyns which won the National Poetry Series award in 1983. Franco recently posted videos of the pre-production phase of Black Dog Red Dog and they can be viewed on James Franco T.V.

James Franco produced a similar project last year with the poetry book Tar. The film starred Franco along with Jessica Chastain, Mila Kunis and many more well known names.

Parrack, Franco and Haze are close friends, having worked together on each others’ various directing and acting pieces in both stage and film. Franco’s work is always fantastic, especially when it comes to poetry in film. This was most evident with his recent directorial effort The Broken Tower, which followed the life of the poet Hart Crane. It was one of my favourite films of the year and you can read my review here.

Parrack has been solidifying himself a place in Hollywood with the incredibly popular True Blood and Haze, who envisioned, built and founded The Sherry Theater in North Hollywood, has starred in film and TV, as well as written, directed and starred in critically acclaimed plays including Devil’s Night and Angel Asylum. On top of that, from what I’m hearing about Child Of God, I think people will be paying a lot more attention to Scott Haze very soon.

Black Dog Red Dog will begin shooting next month and we will bring you more information as it arises.

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