J.J. Abrams Explains Why Kylo Ren’s Helmet Has Been Repaired


Guys, can you believe that in a mere three months, after the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, we’ll never have to talk about this franchise again? Obviously just kidding, but hey, sometimes it feels like the film series has just become a way for a corporation to shove out content. However, after reading some tidbits about the upcoming pic and the most interesting character in the whole trilogy, Kylo Ren, my excitement is re-piqued.

The poor dark side acolyte has been an emotional mess lately. I mean, after losing a parent, who wouldn’t be? After seeing him re-masked with a repaired-but-cracked mask in the first teaser, though, it sparked many conversations. Sitting down with Empire magazine, J.J. Abrams, the director, shined some light into why they decided to bring back the Vader Lite Visor, saying:

“Having him be masked, but also fractured, is a very intentional thing. Like that classic Japanese process of taking ceramics and repairing them, and how the breaks in a way define the beauty of the piece as much as the original itself. As fractured as Ren is, the mask becomes a visual representation of that. There’s something about this that tells his history. His mask doesn’t ultimately hide him and his behavior is revealed.”

I like when a filmmaker actually has reasons behind decisions. It’s really neat and makes the whole piece feel more alive. That was the best part of The Force Awakens; the kinetic energy and genuine feeling of elation that the dang thing even existed, you know? The movie felt like a breath of fresh air.

It really seems like Disney isn’t trying to hype this one up as much, though. Going overboard on Force Awakens promo makes sense, and pushing Last Jedi hard also makes sense, since that was a very odd film. It just seems like after Solo tanking and projections for Rise of the Skywalker being lower than either of the last two though, the House of Mouse may very well be locking it down and cutting their loses. Their poor, sweet losses of…negative money. I guess making billions ain’t enough, right?

I’m sincerely hoping J.J. and writer Chris Terrio know what they’re doing with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and that Disney is just being overly cautious. But we’ll all find out for sure on December 20th.