Joaquin Phoenix’s Salary For Joker Has Been Revealed


Before Joker earlier this year, actor Joaquin Phoenix has comfortably remained out of the mainstream, starring in eccentric arthouse films that earned him critical praise but, more than likely, not the biggest paycheck.

Well, when it comes to the comic book genre, business is good and business is booming. The grosses for Todd Phillips’ gloomy drama – which, when compared to its modest budget, are the most profitable of the genre – are only growing, so it’s easy to assume that Phoenix’s intake is much more here than it was on Inherent ViceThe Sisters Brothers, or even Walk the Line.

In fact, a new report from Variety has attached a specific number to that assumption, and it’s a bit surprising. According to the article, which details some of the most profitable salaries Hollywood granted in 2019, Phoenix made a healthy $4.5 million from Joker.

That isn’t a tiny sum by any means – an amount of money I’m sure just about everybody would like to get their hands on – but given that this is a highly successful comic book movie, the number feels a bit light. This seems especially true when put in conversation with some of the other names on that list, many of whom are starring in films that have yet to come out.

Compared to Phoenix’s salary, Kristen Stewart almost doubled that check ($7 million) on Charlie’s Angels, which is hitting theaters today. Leonardo DiCaprio, meanwhile, made $10 million – a reportedly dropped sum – on Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood. And Margot Robbie, whose Birds of Prey will be the first comic book film to follow Joker, has supposedly made between $9-10 million for that upcoming flick.

Tell us though, do you think this is fair? Sure, our petty squabbling in the comments section won’t put another cent in Phoenix’s pocket, but I’d think that the actor would’ve made a lot more money than this for the macabre masterpiece that is Joker.