New Photos Reveal Joaquin Phoenix’s Weight Loss For The Joker


Well, the flick may have missed out on Alec Baldwin, but it would appear the Joker origin film still has the unremitting commitment of star Joaquin Phoenix.

Less than a day after the 30 Rock actor reneged on his contract to portray Thomas Wayne in the upcoming WB project, Phoenix has now been spotted out and about, looking far more trim than we’re used to seeing the actor.

In the photos below, one can clearly see that he’s considerably slimmed down, and with principal photography on the Joker origin film scheduled to get underway next month, it has us thinking there could be a correlation between the two.

I mean, last year, the San Juan, Puerto Rico native played a hulking hired gun in Lynne Ramsay’s You Were Never Really Here – which I highly recommend you check out – and seeing as the Clown Prince of Crime is often depicted and described as thin as a rake, it would make sense. After all, Phoenix is known for his dedication to the craft, so seeing the actor go all out here wouldn’t entirely be all that surprising, but I digress.

Although everything not disclosed to the public predictably can be found under lock and key, if production is indeed scheduled to get underway at some point in September, expect intel regarding the project to ramp up in the foreseeable future.

What with a trio of Academy Award calibre talent on board, in the form of producer Martin Scorsese, Joaquin Phoenix and writer Scott Silver, in addition to the standalone DC film reportedly headed toward an R-rating, we fully expect WB and DC have hit the nail on the head with Joker and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.