Joe Carnahan Directing Patrick Wilson In Stretch

Since recently losing his bid to direct a new Daredevil film and while currently being eyed to direct the feature film adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic series Nemesis, it looks like we finally have news on a project Joe Carnahan is directing for sure. No really, we swear.

According to Twitch Film, Carnahan will be directing a self-described “low-budget actioner” titled Stretch, which is set to star usual supporting actor Patrick Wilson.

No details have been released in terms of plot, characters, or even a general idea, but signing a director and star seems like a good place to start.

Suffice it to say, I’m still intrigued given the little amount of available information. I rather fancy both Joe Carnahan (The Grey/Narc) as a director and Patrick Wilson (Insidious/Watchmen) as an actor, so the combination gets my excitement slightly peaked.

Carnahan showed he could master slow-burn tension with The Grey, pitting Liam Neeson against a frigid version of mother nature in an epic tale of survival skills, and the action genre is something our director comfortably frequents (Smokin’ Aces/The A-Team).

Wilson on the other hand mainly sticks to indie flicks, and usually not in a starring position, but recently he’s been finding success in the horror genre for James Wan, heading both Insidious and the upcoming Conjuring. He also showed a strong side portraying Nite Owl in Watchmen, so I see Carnahan as a perfect guiding light to push Wilson even farther into the mainstream spotlight – especially in an action film.

Say what you will about each professional’s past, but I’m curious to see the first details for Stretch surface. I like to see Joe Carnahan sticking to a more independent film, straying away from the mainstream. I’ll take another The Grey over a blockbuster type popcorn-popper like The A-Team any day.

We’ll let you know specific film details once we hear more!

What do you guys think, does this sound like another winner for Joe Carnahan?