Mark Millar Says Joe Carnahan May Direct Nemesis

The news that Joe Carnahan would not be directing the new Daredevil film hit fans of his as a minor let down. Luckily, we may not have to wait long for a new project to fill the gap, as First Showing is reporting that Carnahan may helm Mark Millar’s comic villain film Nemesis. 

The film, which follows a billionaire vigilante super villain, was co-written by Carnahan and his brother Matthew. Given the kinetic action beats shown off in both The A-Team and Smokin’ Aces, Carnahan seems like a natural choice for this kind of pulp material. The sad part of this news, however, is that the recently departed Tony Scott was previously in line to direct this property. Although, seeing as Carnahan was a protegé of the late director, this choice seems poetically just.

This is, of course, assuming that Millar isn’t indulging his usual over-eagerness in announcing news related to his projects.

Time will tell, and while I’d prefer Carnahan to pursue projects more in line with his work on the majestic, harrowing The Grey, any Carnahan is better than no Carnahan.

What about you, is this project a good fit for Carnahan, or should he be keeping in touch with his more nuanced side?