Joe Manganiello Still Wants To Play A Superhero

According to our friends at Comic Book Movie, everyone’s favorite Hollywood hunk Joe Manganiello is still interested in starring in a superhero film. If you remember, the True Blood star came pretty close to playing Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel. Unfortunately, the actor couldn’t get out of his contract for HBO’s hit show.

That hasn’t deterred him though from continuing to chase his dream. While doing the press rounds for his upcoming film Magic Mike, Joe Manganiello said that he’s still hoping to do a superhero film and it’s just a matter of “when it comes up and what it is.”

If the studio wanted him for Man Of Steel, I don’t think he’ll have a tough time finding another superhero role to play. With the upcoming Justice League film, Warner Bros. is going to need to cast a few new heroes and you can bet that they’ll come knocking at Manganiello’s door. And even if they don’t, Marvel is expanding their universe with a whole handful of new films, many of which Manganiello would be perfect for.

Scroll down to the comments and tell us, which superhero do you want to see Joe play?