Joe Manganiello Reportedly In Talks To Return As Deathstroke In A Future The Suicide Squad Project

joe manganiello deathstroke

After the success of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad which launched last week everyone wants in on the action, however, according to a recent report, Gunn may have one character in mind to make a return within his next DC film.

According to sources that spoke to Giant Freakin Robot, Gunn wants Joe Manganiello to return as Deathstroke in a future The Suicide Squad project. Manganiello took on the role of Deathstroke for a short scene at the conclusion of Zach Snyder’s Justice League, however, even this brief appearance was enough to get fans excited for him to take on the role – including Gunn.

The report states that Manganiello is currently in talks to return in the next Gunn-directed project whether it be a direct sequel to the recently released film, or a spin-off. While the movie may have just launched its first spin-off, the HBO Max series Peacemaker is well into production so with conversations only starting recently it is unlikely we see Manganiello’s Deathstroke make an appearance, however, it isn’t impossible.

Gunn’s intentions to use Deathstroke in his depiction of the Suicide Squad were present when crafting his recent film, however, unlike other characters, Will Smith who played the character in the original Suicide Squad film did not make a return, instead, Gunn chose to go a different direction and introduced Idris Elba’s Bloodsport to lead the squad.

With both Gunn and Maganiello seemingly onboard for his character to return the days for Will Smith’s Deathstroke in DC films may have all but come to an end, but will Manganiello at the helm and the connections to Justice League, it could bring The Suicide Squad deeper into the DCEU.