Joe Russo Invites Marvel Superfan To Visit The Avengers 4 Set


Last week, the web caught wind of Nem: The Infinity Watcher, a Marvel superfan who had bafflingly seen Avengers: Infinity War 43 times. Needless to say, once the Russo brothers heard of him, they slid into his DMs and invited him to the world premiere of Avengers 4. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, IMAX gave Nem 50 free tickets to keep the unbelievable streak going.

Fast forward to today, with the superfan roughly at viewing number 47, and Nem: The Infinity Watcher AKA Tony Mitchell had another envious honor bestowed upon him. During an interview with, Joe Russo surprised him with an invite to the set of Avengers 4.

“We’ll pick a great day for you when most of the cast is there,” said Russo, as Nem sat, popcorn in hand, preparing for yet another viewing of Infinity War at AMC Concord Mills in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. According to Russo, “this fall, we’ll be doing some pick-ups on Avengers 4…so please bring the family, come on down, you’re our guest, our honored guest.”

The invite arrives on the heels of another story about a supposed Marvel superfan who was recently awarded the Guinness World Record for “Most Marvel Comic Book Characters Tattooed On The Body,” with an astounding thirty-one of them inked to his skin. Unfortunately for Rick Scolamiero, however, his commitment to the MCU hasn’t resulted in any such welcoming.

With the “pick-ups” mentioned by Russo not scheduled to kick-off for a few months yet, Nem will just have to make use of the 50 free tickets in the meantime, which will, should he utilize them all, push his total number of Avengers: Infinity War screenings close to the century mark.