Superfan Sets World Record With 31 Marvel Tattoos


It would appear that Nem: The Infinity Watcher has some stiff competition on the road to becoming the #1 Marvel superfan.

In case you missed it, we posted an article yesterday regarding a Twitter user named Nem: The Infinity Watcher, who’s been chronicling his journey to watch Avengers: Infinity War as many times as humanly possible. Although we’re still unclear as to the motive behind this ludicrous undertaking, we do know that Nem’s spent 114.6 hours of his life watching the Anthony and Joe Russo-directed blockbuster, which equates to 43 viewings.

Given the nonsensical nature of this feat, you can forgive us for prematurely deeming him the #1 Marvel superfan, as today we’ve learned of another diehard in the running, Rick Scolamiero.

The Canadian fanatic was recently awarded the Guinness World Record for “Most Marvel Comic Book Characters Tattooed On The Body” with an astounding thirty-one dramatis personae inked to his skin. Among the pieces of artwork, which we’ve listed below for you to check out, some of the most obscure are Vision on one butt cheek and Spider-Man 2099 on the other.

  • Mystique – neck
  • Galactus – left shoulder, top
  • Silver Surfer – left tricep
  • Phoenix – left inner bicep
  • Wolverine – left inner forearm
  • Spider-Man – left outer forearm
  • Black Widow – left abdomen
  • Spider-Man 2099 – left buttock
  • Doc Octopus – left hip
  • Mary Jane – left outer quadriceps
  • Black Cat – left inner quadriceps
  • Gwen Stacy – left upper hamstring
  • Green Goblin – left lower hamstring
  • Venom – left knee
  • Groot – left inner calf
  • Rocket – left inner calf
  • Gamora – left back calf
  • Star-Lord – left outer calf
  • Drax – left outer calf
  • Daredevil – left inside ankle
  • Deadpool – right inside ankle
  • Red Skull – right inside calf
  • Captain America – right inside calf
  • Loki – right outer calf
  • Thor – right outer calf
  • Iron Man – right outer quadricep
  • Fin Fang Foom – right quadriceps
  • Hulk – right inner quadriceps
  • Thanos – right hamstring
  • Ultron – right hip
  • Vision – right buttock

While the Guinness World Record is excellent and all, unarguably Nem: The Infinity Watcher received the better accolade, as he was invited to the world premiere of Avengers 4 by Anthony and Joe Russo. That said, there’s still plenty of time for Scolamiero to receive the same offer.

I mean, the man even got Stan Lee to sign his wrist and then had that etched into his body for eternity. How can you beat that?

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