First Look At Joel Edgerton In The Great Gatsby

Well that was quick. It was reported a few days ago that Joel Edgerton would be starring in The Great Gatsby and today we are already seeing the first photo of him in the role. Edgerton will star as Tom Buchanan in the film, replacing Ben Affleck in the role. The photos are brought to us by EW, who revealed the first look at Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games yesterday.

He joins a cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby, Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan, Isla Fisher as Myrtle, and newcomer Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker. Pretty impressive cast if you ask me. And with Edgerton’s star quickly rising, you can be sure that this film will only help propel him onto the A-list.

The only question that remains, is that while Edgerton is a talented actor, will he be able to hold his own against Leonardo DiCaprio? What do you think?

Joel Edgerton can be seen next co-starring with Tom Hardy in Warrior which is coming this September.