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Halloween Legend John Carpenter Hints At Possible Return To Feature Filmmaking

The Horror Master himself, John Carpenter, refused to rule out a return to feature filmmaking during his recent appearance on the Post Mortem Podcast.

It’s going on eight years since John Carpenter released his last feature film, The Ward, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the horror master has been resting on his laurels. Or Lauries, for that matter, given he’s actively involved in the composition of David Gordon Green’s Halloween sequel.

But what about stepping behind the lens once more? Turns out Carpenter has considered it, particularly after directing the Christine music video as part of his ongoing movie anthology series.

Of course, he’s already committed to helming the pilot episode of Syfy’s Tales for a Halloween Night, but while chatting to Mick Garris on a recent installment of the Post Mortem Podcast (h/t Bloody Disgusting), the Horror Master revealed that directing a full-blown feature film is not off the table. Hell, he’s even “working on a couple of ideas.”

John Carpenter: “Last fall, I went out and made a music video for Christine… it was fun, I loved getting out there and doing it. It was so much fun.”

Mick Garris: “So do you want to do another movie?”

JC: “Sure, if it’s right. Maybe. [I’m] working on a couple ideas. I love it… even the pain of it.”

Just think, if David Gordon Green’s Halloween movie turns out to be a success, it may convince John Carpenter to circle back to Haddonfield and helm a potential sequel. Chalk that up as wishful thinking for now, though, as Green and Co. are still in the midst of production.

It won’t be too long before we’re basking in the aura of Michael Myers, of course, as Halloween is well on its way to that all-important October 19th release date, at which point Green’s “very scary” sequel will be competing against Venom (October 5th).

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