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John Carpenter has been ‘sworn to secrecy’ on ‘The Thing 2’

He's keeping quiet... for now.

Scene from 'The Thing'
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A recent John Carpenter interview has left many wondering if the celebrated filmmaker will bring his brilliant directorial skills to the screen once more. We are talking about the possibility of a sequel of none other than his iconic sci-fi horror, The Thing.

The story – which revolves around a group of research scientists in Antarctica who are attacked by the titular creature – ended on an iconic cliffhanger. That is, the audience was left to interpret which one of the two scientists who were alive towards the end was infected.

Despite being lauded for its open ending, the very possibility of a sequel has intrigued fans, who are undoubtedly eager to acquire more answers. Meanwhile, Carpenter – who hasn’t directed a movie since 2010 – has chosen to maintain reticence on the subject but at the same time hinting at the arrival of the sequel.

“I have been sworn to secrecy, okay, because there may be, I don’t know if there will be, there may be a Thing 2”, is what he told Creepy Catalogue on the subject.

With talks about the sequel increasing, Carpenter was bombarded with questions. “What the hell do I know? That’s the theme of my career. Write [this] down… John Carpenter ‘What the hell do I know?’ No one tells me anything” is what he blurted out in response to similar questions to SYFY WIRE on occasions of the movie’s 40th anniversary.

All said and done, a sequel after over 40 years is exciting, and the horror fans are surely looking forward to further information on the near-mythical project.  

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