John Carpenter Says The New Halloween’s As Good As The Original


How well Blumhouse’s Halloween holds up against the 1978 classic of the same name remains to be seen, but director David Gordon Green can at least take comfort in the fact that his upcoming follow-up to Laurie Strode’s fateful first meeting with Michael Myers already has the approval of the original film’s helmsman.

The legendary John Carpenter has been involved in the new pic in a composing capacity, and speaking in a featurette that was released this morning, the filmmaker had nothing but praise to offer up for Green’s effort. In fact, he even went so far as to say that “This is as good as I’ve seen since we did the first movie.”

Those are some bold words, to be sure, and you can check out more of Carpenter’s thoughts, along with some insights from Jamie Lee Curtis, in the video below:

As you surely know by now, the Halloween of 2018 is a direct continuation of Carpenter’s original classic and skates around the continuity established in previous sequels – no Laurie Strode death from Resurrection, and certainly no sibling subplot between her and Michael Myers.

This gives Green and his writing team a relatively blank slate to work with, and we understand their horror sequel will tweak Halloween‘s ending ever so slightly so that Michael wound up in police custody on that fateful night in 1978. he escapes before long, though, and returns to Haddonfield, teeing up a terrifying final battle between Strode and Myers which is sure to please longtime fans.

As for Carpenter’s claim that it’s as good as the original, well, we’ll see if he’s right when Halloween stalks its way into theaters on October 19th.