John Carpenter’s Halloween Returning To Theaters Later This Month


Haddonfield has never seen terror like the walking abomination that is Michael Myers.

Ever since John Carpenter’s creation first loomed onto the silver screen back in ’78, he’s become the one true boogeyman of the horror genre – that elusive killer capable of wiping out multiple victims without leaving so much as a trace. So it was with great excitement that we caught wind of Blumhouse’s plan to resurrect Myers for a modern audience, ultimately delivering the nostalgia-filled sequel, Halloween.

It’s set to get two sequels of its own – namely Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends – over the coming years, but closer to home, and the Powers That Be are plotting a surprise for the spooky season. That’s right, kicking off the festivities early, CineLife Entertainment has announced plans to bring the seminal Halloween of 1978 back to select theaters across North America beginning September 27th. And you can get your tickets right here.

With It: Chapter Two already sinking its teeth into the global box office, this news of a Halloween re-release is a welcome addition to the annual scarefest as we approach October 31st. And let’s face it, there aren’t many horror fans who will turn down the chance to hear John Carpenter’s shrill, iconic score echo around the theater.

It also launched Jamie Lee Curtis’ career into the stratosphere, as her Laurie Strode became one of the most iconic ‘final girls’ in genre history – even if that term is a little outdated by today’s standards. Nevertheless, the cultural importance of Halloween cannot be overstated, as CineLife Entertainment so aptly puts it:

Halloween premiered in cinemas and on drive-in screens on October 25, 1978, changing the landscape of horror cinema. It stunned audiences worldwide and has since inspired countless films in the genre. In 2006, it was selected by the Library of Congress to be preserved in the U.S. National Film Registry for its cultural significance.

Look for the original Michael Myers to stalk theaters once more when Halloween begins its rollout in North America. There’s currently no mention of a limited release overseas, but we’ll be keeping one ear to the ground as we approach September 27th.