John Goodman Joins The Hangover Part 3 As The Villain

The Hangover Part 3, the sequel to the sequel to the movie that didn’t need a sequel, is doing its best to justify its own impending existence with casting news. At least that is what can be inferred from IndieWire‘s report that John Goodman is the newest actor to be joining Bradley Cooper, Zack Galifianakis, and Ed Helms in the upcoming comedy.

The film – which we already know will take place in Tijuana – will once again find The Wolf Pack in the midst of some kind of stupor-hindered crisis, though more specific plot details are sketchy at the moment. Goodman will be playing the tolken obstacle-creating bad guy to whatever humble plans our heroes have, a role previously filled by Ken Jeong and Paul Giamatti.

He is only the latest in a string of casting announcements that are doing their best to get this skeptic back into the theater. Other confirmed co-stars are Heather Graham, Mike Epps, and the aforementioned Ken Jeong.

Between his parts on Treme and Community Goodman has been making a pretty good run at reinstating himself in my mind as an actor worth watching in just about anything. So while I might not be too hot on the idea of catching the follow-up to to The Hangover Part 2, I am interested in seeing what Goodman brings to the party.

What about you?

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