John Krasinski Says If Marvel Wants Him For Fantastic Four He’s In

Fantastic Four
Image via Marvel Entertainment

Now that Disney controls all of the comic book properties that used to belong to Fox, maybe the Fantastic Four will finally get the big screen treatment they deserve, and be the stars of a movie that reflects their standing as one of the most iconic superhero teams in history. Both of Tim Story’s efforts were some of the most forgettable entries during that period in the mid-2000s where the genre was at saturation point, while Josh Trank’s reboot turned out to be a crushing disappointment and one of the biggest box office bombs ever made.

If anyone can give the First Family of Marvel the cinematic outing that fans have been waiting for, it’s Kevin Feige and his team. While the X-Men finally becoming part of the MCU is obviously hugely exciting news, we’ve already seen great movies featuring those characters before, which isn’t something that can be said about the Fantastic Four.

The latest reboot isn’t expected until Phase Five at the very earliest, but already the internet seems to have decided who they want to be part of the project. John Krasinski is a name that’s been constantly linked to the Fantastic Four for years now, something the actor is already very much aware of, and in a recent interview, he once again admitted that he’d love to become involved with the MCU’s take on the team, and has even been keeping track of the fan art depicting him as Reed Richards.

“I only just became aware of it recently. Somebody just said it today that I’m being drawn like him, which I didn’t know. I’ve seen the fan art… No, it’s one of those things where, I haven’t really been a part of something where the Twitter-verse, the internet, get behind you for a role, certainly of that caliber. I love the Marvel movies, I love everything Kevin Feige does. The dude’s a genius, so in him I trust, and if he wants me to do something like that, I would love it.”

Everybody knows that John Krasinski was in the running to play Captain America before Chris Evans was cast almost a decade ago, and it seems as though he still hasn’t given up hope on joining the MCU at some stage in the future. A Quiet Place Part II is generating strong buzz and looks set to be a box office hit, and Marvel would be wise to sign the 40 year-old up before his directorial career moves to the next level, because snagging Krasinski for Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four is obvious yet pitch perfect casting.