Here’s How John Krasinski And Emily Blunt Could Look In The Fantastic Four Reboot


With the Fantastic Four set to join the MCU in the coming years, Marvel will have to recast Reed Richards and Sue Storm yet again. So far, while Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Miles Teller and Kate Mara have done their best in the 2005, 2007 and 2015 movies, we’ve yet to get a definitive version of either Mr. Fantastic or Invisible Woman on the big screen. But fans know who they want to see play the pair next: John Kraskinsi and Emily Blunt.

The real-life couple, who previously acted opposite each other in A Quiet Place, have long been the internet’s favorite choice to play Marvel’s first power marriage. But if you’re still not won over by the idea, take a look at this awesome piece of fan art that puts Krasinski and Blunt in costume as Reed and Sue, with the pair showcasing their stretching abilities and invisibility/force fields.

Both Krasinski and Blunt have been considered for Marvel roles before now, with the former Office star being up for Captain America back in the day and the Mary Poppins Returns actress once in the running for both Black Widow and Peggy Carter. What’s more, We Got This Covered’s info is pointing to Marvel considering bringing the pair on board as the Richards. So, all in all, there’s a good chance that this artwork and the dreams of many fans could come true.

Following the rights being returned from Fox, Kevin Feige confirmed at this summer’s Comic-Con that a Fantastic Four reboot was on the way, further promising that it would be the best cinematic take on the First Family yet. Still, it’s not a number one priority for the studio right now so don’t expect it to arrive in the near future.

Source: Instagram