John Krasinski’s downbeat take on ‘Doctor Strange 2’ suggests his days as Reed Richards are numbered

Photo via Marvel Studios

In a turn of events that wasn’t as surprising as it really should have been, fans spent years demanding John Krasinski be cast as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Reed Richards, only to decide that they didn’t want him anymore as soon as he debuted in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

You can see why Emily Blunt looks like she’s ready to throw hands anytime someone asks her about potentially joining her husband in the world’s biggest franchise, because the people turned on Krasinski in almost record time. In fact, there’s even a conspiracy making the rounds touting that the only reason he was hired in the first place was so that the fandom would be more accepting of somebody else suiting up in WandaVision director Matt Shakman’s impending reboot.

Having spent years voicing his desires to become a part of the MCU, Krasinski ended up spending precisely one day on set and in costume before being unceremoniously killed off. Speaking to The Wrap ahead of Jack Ryan‘s third and final season, you can almost feel the regret in his words lamenting his brief stint as Mr. Fantastic.

“There aren’t any discussions at all, the only discussion I had was actually in the second-to-last week of Jack Ryan. Kevin Feige called and said would you ever fly to L.A. and play in our sandbox for a day? I was honored to do it. I flew right from Budapest when we wrapped and went right to the Doctor Strange set.

I’m a big fan of all those characters and that world, so to get to play in that sandbox for one day was a real thrill. It’s totally insane. To be in a room with all those people, and again to be a part of that narrative is crazy. But yeah, being turned into spaghetti wasn’t my end goal in life as far as how it goes in the Marvel universe, but you know what it was fun nonetheless.”

The actor admitting that being turned into pasta by the Scarlet Witch wasn’t his “end goal in life” in regards to the MCU is very telling, hinting that his days are indeed numbered, but there’s a lot of folks who won’t mind in the slightest.